Friday, August 10, 2012

The Latest News....

Well.... I haven't been posting much these days, summer is just too busy for blogger!  :-)  I'll try to keep you updated once a week at least or so though.  :) 
Some of the latest - Julia and I did another order together from Klubertanz Equipment.  Love all the stuff I got!  I got 10 more urine guards, enough for all the rest of the holes in the rabbitry.  They look marvelous!  Keeps everything so much cleaner, especially when you have bucks who like to spray.  :-(  Also got card holders for each cage.  They are so handy - I write down when does are due, when to give them a nest box, etc.  And the highlight - an EZ Tatt, battery tattooer!  SO excited about this.  So - my first tattoo. TA-DA!

LOL!!!  =D  Good thing that bun is a pet.  (Which, by the way, is what i was trying to write "PET"... if you can discern that at all.)  I made the mistake of trying to hold the rabbit AND tattoo the ear, by myself, at the same time.  Heehee!  =}  No, it didn't work too well.  A lot of it just smeared, though, so hopefully it will come off.  =) 
The next tattoo... this time I got smart (experience is knowledge) and my helpful brother Jonny held the rabbit for me!
MUCH better!

Now that's improvement, huh?!?!  Well, by the time I finished the 6th rabbit, they were looking pretty good.  Just thankful I started on the pets!  :-)  The tattooer works pretty slick, though.  I like it.

The rabbitry, complete with urine guards and card holders...

And... some random pics of the rabbitry and it's lovely little inhabitants.  ;-)
Babies going to new homes soon
Regina - due in a couple weeks.

Mickey - going through a molt, hope he's out of it by MN convention time.  (Hoping i can go!)

Dolly - on a rest vacation from babies along with Chocolate Chip.

The EZ Tatt

And Zahara.... just because she is SOOOOO gorgeous.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this girl! 

That's all for now.... thankfully there has been some cooler, beautiful weather this week, I'm lovin' it and the buns are too!

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House of Hotots said...

Hey Emily, love all the new stuff. I love Zahara and Regina, gorgeous does.