Monday, August 20, 2012

So Much to Post About..... So Little Time!

Where to start!  Life is crazy right now, and things have been busy in the rabbitry.  Lots of babies going to new homes, and we also had a new arrival that is now a couple days old.  Regina had a baby!  ....yes, a baby.  She actually had four, but three were peanuts...  :(  .....very surprising, I'm not sure why that is, still thinking it through.  But I am very grateful for one live, healthy, and very fat little banded baby!  Hoping for a doe!  :-)  Sweet little baby.  <3

And, as I promised, some pictures of the 3 week olds.... SO CUTE!

I love these ones.....

Such cuties!  LOVE this age.  =)

Vinson.... REALLY blossoming into a BEAUTIFUL buck.  Lovin' him!  His topline is awesome, he's super compact, and great shoulders.  :)  Only he FLATTENS out like a PANCAKE when I try to pose him... ugh!  lol

Well... I'm going to hit the hay.  Have a great evening everyone, I'll try and post again soon to catch up on the rest of the news.  (But no promises!)  =D


Jenny said...

Super cute baby pictures!! 3 peanuts, wow! I bet that was a shock. That one baby should be very well fed.

Emily said...

Thanks Jenny! Yes... it was really surprising how many peanuts. Yikes! Well, I'm happy to have the one baby that looks so well.... and yes, it is SUPER fat. Belly looks like a balloon about to pop. LOL :-)