Thursday, August 2, 2012

Introducing..... Thumper!

Remember my little Mickey Junior???  Well, I had posted him on my for sale page, had someone who was going to get him, but then it fell through, and I've had some interest here and there, ..... but nothing too serious.  So... I'm thinking it must just mean he's a keeper. =-D And when I posed him up the other day to take pictures, I realized, he IS!  He has really blossomed into an amazing buck, and I wouldn't be surprised if he surpasses Mickey... we'll see!  SUPER little guy.  DEFINITELY a "Mickey Junior"!  And the best temperament ever!  He's the one I hand off to the really little kids during farm tours who want to hold a bunny, because he is a (GENTLE) sweetheart!  Don't you love it when that amazing temperament is paired up with amazing type!?!?!?  Yeah!

Introducing.... Hoppin' Hotot's Thumper.

(And no, the picture doesn't do him justice)

I looooove his head and ears.... ears are SO short and SOOOOO thick, and head is super... Mickey's head, for sure.  Niiiiiice bands, too!
Look at those ears... under 2 inches!

He has really, REALLY been filling out now that he is getting older.  His HQ and shoulders are really improving.  Go Thumper!

I am so excited to get this boy on the show tables, and see his babies too! 

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