Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lily & Daisy

(Update on Blueberry: Sold to a great home!)

These two little does are out of Haylie and Vinson.  Such sweeties!

This is Lily.  She will be a great brood doe, or possibly show, although right now she's more brood type.  Nice little girl! 

This is Daisy.  She is a bigger doe, bigger than Lily, and will be a great brood doe.  These doe's mom is Haylie, and she is my best brood doe.... she's an amazing momma, and all her daughters have done great, also! She's not very photogenic, though.  :-)

 I would like $30 a piece for these two, or $55 for the pair (that includes pedigrees).  They need a good home!  They were born May 16, 2012, so are about 11 weeks old.

Tomorrow I'll be posting some exciting news about my keeper buck! 

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