Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 DAYS! *Parsley* *Pics of Roxie*


Wow... *not tomorrow but the next day!*  =D  The Minnesota State Convention is coming fast!  Can't wait, although I'm not sure how the buns will do... it seems that Zahara might be starting a molt too.... arg, fingers crossed!  And Mickey's coat isn't looking so great either. Gee, it seems like everyone is molting!  Regina and Chip just finished up their molts, Dolly is molting, Bella (who is visiting right now to get bred) is molting, ... they are ALL molting!  ;-(  Ick!  And Thumper's eye.... Trixi, you better be fine!  ;-)  LOL  At any rate it will be really fun no matter what the results.  ;-)
Parsley is my new favorite herb for the buns.  If you have a doe that doesn't want to get bred, try giving her a sprig of parsley every day.  By a week of this, she should be in heat.  It's worked like a charm every time for me!  Something I learned from another breeder.  And I tried to get a pic of my girls munching it this morning, but the camera died just as I was trying to get Haylie devouring her sprig.  ;-)

And... as I promised, some pictures of Roxie.  Love this little gal!

Have a great day everyone!  :)

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