Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The Minnesota State Convention is only FIVE days away - this Saturday!!!  I am SO excited.  My (*awesome*) Dad helped me build a PERFECT 6-hole carrier last night!  LOVE it! 

6 nice spacious holes, and a political sign for the lid (ran out of wire!).... which actually was a great idea!  Works great!

Don't you love that "fresh wire" look???  ;-)

I just had to put six of the buns going to the show in it to see how it looked - isn't that beautiful!?!?!?!  Oh man, I am getting SO excited now. :)

Haylie - going to the show to meet her future hubby.  ;-)

Mickey - can't wait to see how he does this time around!  His coat is in kind of bad condition right now, though, so we'll see....   :-(

Zahara - will be shown in the Sr. Doe class, and probably go home with a new owner.  Will miss this little gal so much!

Trixi - her first show! 

Regina - going along to meet her new owner

Dolly - also going along in a pet carrier to meet her future hubby!

Chocolate Chip - going to go home with a new owner, I'll miss you too!
Here is Trixi again - I think she's *finally* coming out of the uglies-  whew!  Her ears are kinda long, but her body is looking nice, nice, and she's got a cute head too.  We'll see how she does.  I'm hoping she'll turn out just as nice as her mom, Hoppin' Hotot's Ruby.

And Thumper.... *croccodile tears* .... I've been watching a speck in his eye for several weeks now.  ='-(  Boo hoo.  He's so gorgeous but I think it's very likely he'll get DQ'd.... we were thinking it was just an injury and would heal, but at this point things look bleak. I'm going to bring him anyways and just see what the judge says.  :( 

And ending on a happy note.... CC's babies, as cute as can be!

See ya Saturday!!!!!!  =-)


This Family of Ten said...

I am getting SOO excited too!! BTW, my mom is going with me this time... is your mom? I know you said she might. :) I also need to call you in the next couple days with some questions. :) See ya saturday!

Emily said...

Oh I know ME TOO! Haha - I told mom that Mrs. Aamot was going, so we'll see. I think my Dad is going, though... I think maybe he wants too, alhtough he'd never admit to that! LOL =-) Yes, we'll have to talk before then... I have a little spare time in my schedule around 4:30pm. ;-) I did have some things to ask you, too, so I'll call you maybe tomorrow. So excited! =)