Friday, September 7, 2012

Oh the cuteness!

Guess who!?!? Roxy.  :-)  ***totally in love***  LOL  :-D

Love, love, love the head & ears on this baby!  =D


Jenny said...

She IS just adorable!!! Is this little miss chubby? I love her :-). Any updates on the bunny with the hair loss?

Emily said...

Thanks Jenny! Oh I know... I just love her. :-) Very chubby. =) lol As far as Ally (the bun with hair loss) - I'm pretty positive she has something called congenital alopecia, which is something some people on FB had suggested when Lindsey posted her to the ARBA group on there, too. It is hair loss in young rabbits. I read that it can grow back or they can end up being - bald - rabbits. :( Thankfully, hers is GROWING BACK! It's really coming in now, so I'm really happy about that. She's really healthy and eating lots and has tons of energy, so she's back to being an almost normal bun now - YAY! So when she grows in the rest of her fur and I'm sure she's going to do well in a new home I'll find her a good pet home. :D Thanks for asking!

Emily said...

Ahhh... and I forgot to mention, congenital alopecia is a genetic disorder of some kind, so it was a genetic issue.