Monday, September 3, 2012

Picture Post

Wow... it's been a crazy weekend.  Haven't had much time for blogging, but here is a few pictures of Regina's doe baby.  My goodness, I can't get over this (CHUBBY!) little doe.... she is the cutest thing.  And already a sweeeeeetie.... she's gotten more than her "fair share" of attention, being a single.  She even loves head scratches, and she's not even out of the nest box yet.  <3  I'm getting attatched....  :-)  Love her *big* head and *little* teeny ears!  She's growing way too fast -  every time i see her she's bigger.  :-) 


The Kings said...

Love!! I can see why you're getting attached ;-) <3

Kelfla said...

Oh my! Extra cuteness! :)