Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4 DAYS! Big Cleaning Day....

Whew, yesterday I DEEP CLEANED the rabbitry.  I mean, scrubbed EVERY cage, both the 5-foot pans, cleaned out the pans and under the cages, re-arranged everything, organized.... and set a record of doing it all in 2 hours!  Thanks to my wonderful carrier - instead of having to do one cage at a time because I only have two pet carriers to put the buns in while I scrub their cage, I loaded up all the rabbits on the top stacker into the carrier and scrubbed all the cages at once, and then did the bottom stack the same way.  It was wonderful!  And everything is just sparkling clean in there... ahhhhh, love it.  ;-)  Enjoy the pics....

Excuse my un-organized shelf... that got organized this morning.  ;-)

Zahara... *sigh* she's so lovely!

Duchess had to get in on the fun!
I'll post some pictures of Roxie tomorrow... she's such a cutie!  AND, I know this is a *rabbit* blog, but I have to post some pictures of my half-Ragdoll kittens, too. They are ADORABLE!!!  :-)

Only 4 days.... SO EXCITED!

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