Thursday, July 19, 2012


Wow... all 13 holes in the rabbitry are FULL.  Packed with bunnies right now!  A lot of babies that will be going to new homes soon, though, so I'll be empty before I know it. 

I have five producing does right now, three with babies and two more due in the next week.  Love my wonderful mommas!  The top row is devoted to big cages for the mothers and kits.

Dolly... her two babies are out of the nest box now.  I believe it's a banded mismark buck and a sport doe.

Regina... her three babies also out of the box now.  Three boys!

Chocolate Chip... with a BUSY litter of five.  I think she is looking forward to weaning and a break... those babies are harassing!  :-)

Haylie... getting GROUCHY and getting BIG.  Let's have a healthy litter, girl!
Relaxing in her pen....

And Zahara... first time mom, and seeming to be very excited about babies so far!  She goes nesting-nuts EVERY time I give her hay. So funny!

Her appetite has gone up, also. ;-)

I am amazed at this girl... she has totally blossomed into what she was at 8 weeks old before she got sick.  She is downright BEAUTIFUL.  If she is in conditon after having this litter (and if I can go) she will be going to convention with me... I want to try her on the show tables!  Love her to pieces!  And such a sweetheart.

Isn't she gorgeous?  Gotta love that head and short ears.

Both Haylie and Zahara got their nest boxes, too.  Boy were they happy!   Went crazy getting every straw just so.  =D

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Natalie Clarke said...

Hi Emily! I was just wondering what the mesh size is on your wire, be- cause I want to make more cages. Thanks!

Emily said...

Hi Natalie!
Sorry for the late reply - internet has been down. :( Wire size... ok, the floor is 1/2 inch by 1 inch and the sides are 1 by 2 inch. Those sizes have worked great for me... only problem I have found in the summer is that 1 1/2 to 2 week old babies can fit through the side wire. It' been so hot, they are crawling out of their nest boxes, and then out of the cage, so I find them on the floor. I ended up keeping them inside. Hope that helps! ;-) What kind of rabbits do you raise?

Natalie said...

Holland Lops

Emily said...

Cool! I've always said if I got another breed it would be Holland Lops. :-)