Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pictures from the Rabbitry

Just a bunch of pictures from the rabbitry!

Regina in her nest box.  First time mom, doin' a fabulous job!

You can see she is plucking herslef nearly bald for her babies.  There is TONS of fur in there so I took a little out to save for winter. It's so hot they don't need quite that much!

Andrew with his little pet buck he will be getting in about a week.

One of the girls from a farm tour holding one of CC's babies.

Regina gaurding her three babies.

Dolly with her two babies

The rabbitry.... the fan has been going, it's so hot!

Only a few empty cages... I'm pretty full right now!

Haylie's 5 silly babies sitting on top of each other in the corner.. LOL

One of CC's five.  They crawl out in to the front of the nest box where it is cooler. 

The three moms.  From left to right: Chocolate Chip, Regina, and Dolly.

My little Mickey Junior... this boy is blossoming.

Princess looking like a Princess!

Are you taking a picture of me???

This boy.... he is out of Chocolate Chip and Vinson.  Was SO gorgoues, but is going through an ugly stage right now.  I'm just hanging on to him to see if he gets pretty.  Still looks pretty nice, but those ears are longer than I like!  Hopefully he gets beautiful.  We'll see!  A cutie, that's for sure.  :)  What do you think of him???

Little Mrs. Zahara.  Expecting her first litter in 3 weeks.  This girl is so pretty.. just wish she wasn't so flat over the topline, but...

....I LOVE her head and ears!  Ears are SO short and nicely furred, too.

Dolly's two little rolly-polly babies.

Taking a nap

4 of the 5 CC babies... so cute!

Regina's mountain of fur in the nest. LOL

Regina's three babies. Sooooo sweet.

I love this picture... the little sport baby is shaking my .. err, finger. =)  CUTE!

Regina's three babies.  Such sweetness!

Regina's three again

Regina's three... I love this photo. :)

Look at that fat belly!  Well fed little buggers, that's for sure.

Dolly's Two

*Kisses* LOL!  =)

Mickey Junior... this lil guy is so beautiful.  And yes, that's Mickey in the background.  Don't they look similiar???


Theresa said...

Great pictures Emily! Andrew is so excited to pick up Snowman.

Anonymous said...

Your rabbit house set up is great! Our family raises California meat pens for 4-H and FFA. We also have a pair of mini lion heads & a pair of mini netherland dwarfs. One dwarf is a black otter and the other,I thought was a black charlie otter. After looking @ your site,I'm not sure about our buck. What makes them a hottot? If I send you a picture, could you tell me?
Thanks in advance,
The Sims' family in Porter,Tx

Emily said...

Thanks Mrs. Stimpert! I am excited for Andrew. Snowman is such a sweetie! :) I will email you and let you know when he will be ready. :)

The Kings said...

Love all the pictures! Everyone looks great!:-)

Emily said...

Thanks Lindsey! :)

Suzanne - thanks for your comment! That is neat you raise rabbits too. I'm not exactly sure what you mean... ;-) Dwarf Hotots are a breed of their own. They are white with black bands. You are welcome to send pictures, though! Hope that helps... not sure if I answered your question or not!?!?