Friday, July 27, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daugher

Haylie and Zahara (mom and daughter) both kindled, a day apart!  I couln't be happier with these two.  Zahara is a first time mom and is doing a MARVELOUS job.  I went out to do chores in the morning, and ta-da!  There was a perfect, furry little nest with FOUR *perfect*, banded babies in it.  I was really impressed!  Four is a BIG litter for a first timer that is as tiny as she is.  Zahara isn't even two pounds.... she is TINY.  Wow!  She is doing a wonderful job with them, and they all look really good.  Guess she inherited Haylie's amazing mothering instincts!  ;-) 

And Haylie delivered three banded, perfect little babies.  As usual they look great and have full bellies!  And she pulled a mountain of fur for them, so I took about half of it out to save for nest boxes in the winter.... they certainly don't need that much when it's 90 degrees out, and they still have tons to spare!  ;-)

Such sweeties. I'm thankful to have two more healthy litters!

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