Friday, July 20, 2012

WOW Babies

Chocolate Chip's litter of five is looking SUPER right now.  We are just coming into the ugly-age-stage, though.... so we'll see how they look in a few weeks.  But four does still, now for sure!  Love it!  Some AMAZING gals here... and the one lonely lil' buck, not to be outdone by the women, looks awesome, also.  ;-)

Doe (doesn't look the greatest in this photo, but is really nice... this was one of the hardest litters I've EVER worked with to get photos.  WAY too much energy!  :-(   )

The Buck... very cute little guy.

Two of this doe... she's looking amazing!

My favorite one... WOW.

More of my favorite girl....

All the babies are growing up so fast!

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