Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Grooming Table!

My AWESEOME little brother Jonny made me this AWESOME grooming table for my birthday!  I had been hinting aroudn that I would love to have one, and Jonny is so amazing with woodworking, among his many skills. ;-)  The table is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I'm using it every day, it's so handy for photo shoots and critiquing the buns.  Thank you, Jonny!!!

He built a nice little cubby to keep extra things on.

My Jr. Buck posing on it.

For other news... it is SO hot.  There is an extreme heat warning until Friday. :-(  I hope all the buns will be OK.  My three nest boxes of babies are inside the house enjoying the AC.  The other rabbits out in the barn are so hot, though!  :(  100 degrees ... poor things!  :(


Theresa said...

What a great gift! Tell him he did a great job.

We went and got the cage for Snowman today. We are going to have him in the house for now, in the same room as Oscar, our guinea pig. Andrew is getting very excited. I think we have most of the supplies we need, except the food.

House of Hotots said...

I absolutely love your new grooming table. I so need one of those. I brought my nestboxes in today too. They were sooo hot when I took them out to check them.

Emily said...

Mrs. Stimpert - I will tell him! Yes, it was such a sweet gift! That is so great that you have everything ready for him! I am excited for Andrew. ;-) As far as food - when you get him I will send a care package home with you that will include a weeks worth of pellets and hay too. :)

Kate - Oh yes, I am soooo loving the table! Maybe Wyatt would want to make you one? LOL It was your birthday, too, you know! =) (Happy Belated, by the way :)) I know my babies were very happy to be in the cool house. All my poor older buns are just so hot though. :( But I don't think Mom would be too crazy about me bringing my 13-hold cage stand in. Heehee! Well, hope all your babies are doing super!

Natalie Clarke said...

What a handy grooming table! I so want one :)

Emily said...

Hi Natalie - Yes, it's super handy! I use it every day. I keep telling Jonny he needs to make more to sell! :-)