Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bunny Updates and Photos

Well, my little career as a bunny match-maker rather failed this morning.  I've been trying to convince Haylie that Vinson would make a great hubby for the last 3 days or so.  Haylie, on the other hand, is not so sure.... or actually, more like it would be she's POSITIVE he would NOT.  They actually got into a full-fledged fight, (started by Haylie) one time, which was really scary.  :-(  So anyways, I moved her into a pen in between Mickey and Vinson for some extra buck-stimulation and put some ACV in her water.  Well what-do-you-know, but the next morning she was red and swollen and licking her next door bucks.  Yaaay!  I tried her with Vinson... and she pretty much wanted to kill him.  Then this thought occurred to me that maybe she was being picky.... so just to see what she would do, I tried with Mickey.  Before I could blink, she was bred and looking at me like "Thanks, I'll choose my own husbands."  .....Ooooooops.  Oh well, I haven't gotten a litter from that pair anyways, so it's not all bad!  I just hope she doesn't retain this grudge against Vinson forever!  =( 

I've pretty much fallen in love with Chocolate Chip the last few days.... she was seriously my least-favorite bun out there before she kindled, and I just LOVE her now!  Her temperament is smoothing out and she is such a good mom!  The sport, I have noticed, is a little smaller than the other (very fat) kit, so I'm trying to make sure he gets enough at feeding.  Hopefully he'll thrive OK.

Here are some random photos of some happy buns:

Bella's four not-so-little babies enjoying a pear branch:

Vinson giving himself a bath (maybe trying to impress Haylie?)

Well, it didn't work.  She completely ignores him.

"I don't even see you.  I'm chewing on my branch."

Dolly's 3 babies are getting SO cute.  They are little love balls.

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