Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yaaaay, Chocolate Chip!!!

WOW, Miss Chocolate Chip had her babies on the 4th and, to my surprise, did an absolutely amazing job! She now ranks as one of my best moms, so far! She kindled 4 kits, 2 peanuts. One of the peanuts was a sport, and one of the normal kits is a sport also.... my FIRST SPORT! After a year of raising Hotots, it's about time! LOL I'm actually kind of excited to get a sport... sounds funny, but it will be neat to have one at least. :) So those two are doing really great. They are very sweet little babies. They aren't quite as lively as I would like, and CC doesn't seem to be producing a lot of milk, but I put her on Calf Manna and am noticing improvement, so that's good. I put the nest box in for her 2-3 times a day and she goes in there forEVER with them! She will nurse and lick and love on those babies for an hour at a time if I let her! What a good girl. I was not really expecting this from that crazy little rabbit! Guess her momma hormones kicked in, yaaay! So, that's my latest exciting news. I'm pretty busy right now, so blog posts might be less frequent, but I'll do my best. :)

The new babies:


Hoppin' fun Rabbitry said...

oh, exciting!!

Tamie said...

Just precious! I'm selfishly happy you have a sport now also. :) And way to go, Chocolate Chip!