Friday, March 9, 2012

Going Faaaast!

The Easter bunnies are being reserved quickly.  I only have two bucks left at this point, so hurry if you want one!  :) 

Chocolate Chip's babies are doing OK.  I'm still a little worried about the sport... he doesn't seem to be getting much at feedings, and I think maybe Chip isn't giving a lot of milk.  I'm trying a few things to get more into him, hopefully he will pull through.  The black banded kit seems to be doing pretty well, though.  He's fat and growing fast.... he's bigger than the sport, too, which could be part of the problem why he's (meaning the sport) is not getting enough.  We'll see... fingers crossed.

Here are the latest photos of the day.  These are Dolly's babies.  Such cuties!

(They love crawling on their patient mother:) 

Also, I just wanted to mention.... right now I'm working on getting on a once-a-month "schedule", for lack of a better word, with the buns.  I'm hoping to be having a litter every month, so eventually, when I get "caught up", I will also have a litter (hopefully) for sale every month.  This should (hopefully!) eliminate the stress of those long waiting lists!  :)  Don't get me wrong, I'm SO very grateful for all of you faithful customers on my waiting lists (!), I just hope to provide you with bunnies sooner, preventing months and months of waiting!  :) 

Also (again), to any of you readers, is there a topic, or topicS that you would like to hear about on my blog?  Anything you want me to post about or want to know about hotots?  Let me know, I want people to be able to learn about things on my blog, not just read about cute rabbits.... although I'm sure that's fun too.  So please leave a comment or send an email to me, I'd love to hear your thoughts!  :) 


Sarah said...

Hey, this is Sarah! I think some brief knowledge about bunny care would be great, or maybe some info about the breed (what makes them different, temperment, etc.) Also, maybe some seasonal knowledge for us rabbit newbies. For instance, what plants you are good/not good for your rabbit to eat from the yard or garden, ideas for setting up a exercise area. Another idea is common health problems and how to deal with them. Sorry...I'm used to knowing a lot about animals, but I'm new to rabbits, so I've had to do a ton of reading to learn this stuff. But not everyone will do the research, so they might appreciate reading about it here! You do an amazing job, Emily! We are happy to have waited a bit to get our bunnies from you!

Asinaway's Rabbitry said...

Sooo Adorable.

Emily said...

Thanks so much for all the ideas Sarah! That really helps, I'll see if I can do some posts on some of those things! :)