Friday, March 2, 2012

They've grown up! Day 31

The babies are now weaned, eating on their own, and .... huge!  Well, not really, but it sure seems like it.... they've come a long ways!
Day One: 

DAY 31!

And some other pictures from this morning....

Dolly's babies are doing great! 

Chocolate Chip: now has a nest box and due on the 4th!  She better be bred this time or I won't be happy!  =-(


My new Ragdoll cat, Gentleman, is fascinated with the bunnies.  I think he's thinking "BREAKFAST!"  He actually climbed up to the top leval and started batting at them through the wire... yikes!  It was kinda cute though.  :)

And Miss Regina.... getting more lovely ech day... :)

Tomorrow I'm hoping to do a little Easter photo shoot with the babies.  That will be fun... I got some decorations to use at the Dollar Store, so that will be fun.  :)

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