Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ohhhhhhh Mickey.

Mickey.  He is my favorite rabbit out there, but, my goodness, does he keep me on my toes!  His latest thing has been jumping out of his cage while I'm getting his feed (he's on the bottom of the stand) and then running underneath the stand in everyone else's you-know-what, having a ball, while I try to get him out of there.  Eventually after he's played his game out he comes out looking terrible, but .... very happy.

Now this.
He's totally in love with next-door-neighbor, Regina, (she is also deeply infatuated with him, at 3 months old) and let her pull out a bunch of fur between his eyes. I've heard of them doing this, but it never actually happened to me before.  Not that big of a deal, I guess, it will grow back, but... he looks terrible.  At least he's ... happy.  =(

The picture doesn't even show how terrible he looks. : ( 

The two lovers.  <3

Anyhow, for other news...

Chocolate Chip is expecting, as of this morning, another litter.... this time out of Vinson! It will be my 1st litter out of him, I'm thrilled!

Buttercup & Baxter... SO CUTE.



And last but not least.... Halylie is almost ready to pop!  She's due on the 6th, I'm so excited!

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Theresa said...

Emily, your bunnies are ADORABLE!!! We'd love to come see them sometime.

Mrs. Stimpert