Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just some pics of Regina and the babies

I have such a blast taking pictures of Regina!  She is the most stubborn little bun EVER, and won't pose right for me, but "her" pose is really cute anyhow.  :) LOL  Although I'm still trying to train her to pose right.  :)  This little girl has got a HEAD.  By far the best of any of my does, and up there with the bucks.  Wowzers!  :)

And just some other random photos from around the rabbitry....  :)

We've had two sets of twin lambs lately, and another ewe seems to be in labor right now.... yay! Can't wait for more babies.  I also need to work on my next part of the bunny care post!  Will try and get that finished.  :) 
Thanks for reading!  :)

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