Saturday, March 24, 2012

No Video Today :-(

Well, I was trying to post a video here of my *adorable* babies, but am having problems.  :(  (What's new, right?)  So I will have to compromise with a few photos, and hope to have a video posted ... another time.  :)

I tipped over CC's nest box today and her babies are enjoying the run of the cage.  They are so cute!  And at my favorite age, too.  They are already becoming cuddlers... thanks to lots of handling.  :)  Mom is not a cuddler at all, so I'm giving these babies lots of attention, and they love it.  :)   I am making an early guess of a buck and a doe, the buck being the black banded one of the pair, the doe is the sport.  It's a little early to be telling gender for me, so I'm not sure, but we'll see....
Chocolate Chip's Sport.

One of the pet bunnies, such a sweetie.

The other pet baby, so cute.  :)

I'm attempting to breed my (stubborn) little Dolly right now, she's being anything but cooperative, bless her heart.  :(  I don't know what my does problem is... the weather is gorgeous, and I can't seem to figure out why none of them want hubbies!?!?!?!  =(  Do any of you more experienced breeders have any tips for me?  They'd be much appreciated.  :)  Thanks.

Hoping to get a video on here next week maybe.... :)

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