Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dr. Dad (with Nurse)

So, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, Zahara came down with a really bad cold a couple weeks ago.  I have no idea what caused it... possibly the wacky weather (really cold, then warm, etc.,) was the only thing I could think of.  Everything is super clean and there really wasn't any reason she should get sick... but anyways, thanks to help from Lindsey at 4 Kings Rabbitry and Debbie from Hidden Habit Rabbitry, I was able to treat her and she seems to be recovering well. 

I brought her in the house, actually in my ROOM!  (BTW, mom is completely anti-house-pets, but she made an exception for a very sick little bun).  :)

That corner of my room became a bunny-nursery ;) 

The first day I really noticed she was not doing well, I brought her in the house.  At this point the only sign was that she was not breathing well (had very noisy, raspy breathing) and had stopped eating her pellets altogether.  By that afternoon, she had a runny nose, was sneezing, still not eating, and having a lot of trouble breathing.  I was having trouble breathing too (I was panicking).  :(  So I gave her a 1/2 a cc of penicillin with a needle.  I say "I" did, but actually my expert Dad was so kind as to do it for me.   Here is a short video clip of him giving her her shot.  Dad is so good with them!  :)  They usually don't even jump or anything, he's just a natural doctor. 
And just a disclaimer... Dad really does love my bunnies.  He kindly let me bawl on his shoulder for a while that night when I was positive I was gonna lose the little gal..... so he really doesn't mean all that about "future hassenpheffer," etc.  :)  LOL 

So, the next 2 days we gave her 1/4 cc of penicillin each day.  And the last day Dad made ME do it.  :(  It took me about a 1/2 hour to actually DO it, but .... well, at least I know I can do it if needed.  I don't have a video of that, I'm happy to say.  ;)  Anyways, after those two more shots I didn't give her any more so her immune system could fight it off herself.  But I was giving her yogurt as a probiotic, a little banana to get her back on feed, and oats, carrots, and greens.  I have found banana to be very helpful to get rabbits back on feed, it works like a charm!

So, she is now back in the rabbitry!  She is doing amazing, for how sick she was.  I just need to get her back into condition and I think I'm going to worm her, she is really skinny and bony looking now.  :(  Poor girl, but she is much more herself now and has a good appetite, so she will be gorgeous again soon.  :)  This afternoon I'm hoping to take some pictures of the babies to post, sorry I've been bad about that the last week or so, there has been so many other things to post about!

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Hoppin' fun Rabbitry said...

Oh, glad she is doing better! I hope I would have the nerve to give my bunnies shots if needed :/