Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 21

Sorry I've gotten a little behind on my days, LOL!  I usually remember to take the photos, but posting them.... is another thing.  :)  Anyways, they are as of this morning, growing like nuts and are now bigger than that dollar bill.  =D

DAY 21

Dolly's three remaining babies are doing really well, thankfully. They now have fat bellies and are growing well.  And I just saw the first little bit of black eyes today... they are opening!  ;)


Tamie said...

I can hardly stand all the cuteness! How hard is it to do your chores, school work, etc. with so many adorable baby bunnies waiting to be held?

Emily said...

LOL! =D Oh yes, it definitely is a challenge to tear myself away from them. :) I tend to get distracted with babying them and then "oh my goodness! I'm supposed to be milking the goats!" :) And you should see my school books... I have rabbits, etc., doodled all over them. =)