Friday, February 17, 2012

Update on Babies/Day 16

Unfortunately I lost one of Dolly's babies last night.  :(  It was such a big litter and I think she didn't have quite enough milk for them all.  She's barely 2 pounds, so this is a lot for her.  I'm giving her as much as she'll eat though, about 2 cups a day... wow!  =)  Hopefully the rest of the kits will keep hanging in there, fingers crossed.

Bella's babie are SO CUTE.  They are at the cutest-ever stage right now, and they are becoming very social, friendly little buggers.  ;-)  I just love them.  :)

Here they are on Day 16!

And some cute photos I took this afternoon.  My friend Julia gave me these rose petals.... super cute, thanks Julia!  =)

At first I attempted lining up all four for a photo shoot.... but after chasing 4 bunnies (it seems like 10 of them, though) around the counter for a few minutes, and getting nothing better than this:

....I decided one would be a bit more maneagable! =) 


The Kings said...

SO CUTE!! I love this stage. :-)

Lilya Litvak said...

Such cute pictures!!!