Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 3

The babies have made it to Day 3 and seem to be doing great so far. 

Day three....

You can see they're getting even more fuzzy today... here's a closer up.

Bella is one amazing mommy!  This morning when I put in the box for her to nurse, here she goes and pulls out another huge mouthful of fur for her babies, grabs some hay, hops in the box and puts it in their nest!  "Ummm, Bella.... they kinda already have enough fur."  LOL!  What a sweetie.  I was a bit offended though... she doesn't trust me I guess... seems to think I can't keep them warm enough away from her!  Haha!  :)

Devoted momma pulling fur

Mouthfull of fur and hay

Haylie got her nest box last night... I really hope she's bred! 

That makes for 3 nest boxes in use or soon-to-hopefully-be in use right now!  ;)

Haylie's four not-so-little babies are now all in their own pens.  They're so cute!  I'll be going through them and deciding who is staying and who's not real soon.  I'm excited to decide on keepers.  :)

They are temporarily on the floor until we get pans and the next "layer" built on the stand. 
Day 4, coming soon!  :)

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Tamie said...

They are just precious! I love that we're seeing them grow and develop along with you. Thank you for taking time to share these pics and updates with us all. And as a journalist, I also have to say how much I enjoy your writing style - keep up the great work!