Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exciting Plans!

I am really excited!  I have finally made some decisions about rabbits!  (About time, huh?)  I decided to trade Comic for a different buck from my friend Debbie of Hidden Habit Rabbitry.  The little buck coming is absolutely gorgeous and should be a great match with some of my new does.  SO excited!  I will be picking him up hopefully next week.  Also, I am going to be keeping the two does from Haylie's litter.  That is, I think they are both does, not totally sure about one, though.  :)  I'll post pictures of them soon.
So... being I'm keeping both of them, I also have to sell some of them (the hard part).  So Bella will probably be going when she weans her litter.  I'll be sad to part with her, but I'm excited for my new girls, and she will be an awesome starter doe for my friend, Julia.  She is a great mom.  I may sell others, but I'm still deciding on that.  I will also be getting a doe from Debbie, but she has yet to be born.  =)
So... I'm so excited to welcome new bunnies!  Pictures coming soon.

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