Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bunny Adventures/Day 17

I got a great scare this morning!  When I opened the milk room door to go check on them, a teeny white baby when dashing across the floor into a feed barrel.  I FREAKED out!  Dad helped me catch the little bugger and thankfully he was just fine.  He actually looked quite proud of himself..... grrrrrrrr.

I was convinced he was laughing at me! 

But really, he could have easily been dead by the time I got there.  He jumped out of the nest box, crawled over the towels I had put around it just in case one happened to jump out, and then fell or jumped the 2 or 3 feet down onto the cement floor!!!  And then wandered around until I came in and just missed stepping on him.  He apparently thought it was hilarious, but I, for one, was scared to death thinking he was going to have a broken leg or something.

Oh well, "he who laughs last laughs longest!"

..... he won't be doing that again.


Anyways.... here is day 17.  =)

And also, I lost yet another one of Dolly's kits this morning.  :(  The little guy was, well, little, and just couldn't seem to get anything at nursing time, everyone else being quite a bit bigger than him.  I attempted force feeding him, but he didn't make it.  :(  So now I have THREE left and am hoping they will pull through.  They seem to be fat, healthy little things, so hopefully they'll be OK. 

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