Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Pics

Here are Bella's and Dolly's babies from this afternoon.  So cute.  And lots of energy, so lots of blurry photos!

This one is blurry, but still so cute. ;)

A couple boys from Bella's litter (6 photos above) as well as Dolly's three (gender unkown at this point :)) will be up for reservation soon!  I'll post more info about them later.  :)


Lilya Litvak said...

Oh my word - they look like little marshmallows! They're so adorable I could eat them all up!!! :D

Tamie said...

Just darling! And congratulations on your new additions, they are lovely, too!

I'm curious - will a hotot with a spot or black area always/sometimes/never have kits with the same markings? How are spots passed along, exactly?

Emily said...

Thanks Tamie! To answer your question... funny you would ask because I was just refreshing myself on that stuff while reading about hotot genetics yesterday! :) But any hotot can produce kits that are sports, or have black spots, whether they (the parents) are perfectly marked or not. This is because it takes a proper blend of the English Spot and Dutch marking genes to wipe out all the color except the eyeband. :) So because they don't always do that, we get sports and babies with stray marks. So from what I've read, that isn't genetic, just happens with them all. But I will say (just from my personal experience :)) that Bella (who has a teeny black spot on her back) does tend to have a few kits with black spots on their ears in most of her litters, but she also has more perfectly marked babies. :)
Anyways, long answer. :) Hope that Daisy is doing well! =]

Tamie said...

It's fascinating! Thank you so much for taking time to explain. I think the rescue folks' description of Daisy said she was a mixed Hotot, she has banded eyes but has some black in other places, too - including a black dot on either side of her nose. And if I were guessing, I'd say she's bigger than an average Hotot. We've had her for three months now and she is just the sweetest thing, we love her to pieces.