Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting Organized

Having a new cage stand and all this exciting stuff has gotten me motivated to really improve and get organized!  :)  I went to the Dollar Store (ahhh, love dollar stores:)) the other day and spent a whopping 13 dollars on an assortment of cleaning supplies, etc.  :)

I also have made a schedule for the rabbitry.  This way I don't have to do a HUGE cleaning once a month... instead work on one thing every day.  (Although I think I might still have to do an especially deep-cleaning every so-often. :))

We also have my last cage built to fill up that stand!  It's a really big cage with three dividers in it.  It's super nice! Now we just need to make the pan for that one and I'll be set to go for a long time!  So excited.  :)
So just a warning to all you coming to pick up bunnies soon, the rabbitry is a bit, well, unorganized right now.... or shall I say, "under construction!"  :) 

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October Grace said...

New cleaning supplies get me motivated too:-) I like your cleaning schedule. As I add bunnies to my rabbitry, I'll probably need to do something similar to stay on top of things.