Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rabbit Talk / Day 8

Well, things are finally starting to come together.  By the end of this week I will have everything figured out and will be posting results. :)  Some bunnies are going, some new ones are coming, and .... lots more!  But I'm getting ahead of myself....  :)

Here are Bella's kits on Day 8:

They are getting pretty chunky!  :)


Yesterday we had a shopping day and I was able to pick up some things for the bunnies... some clips to clip the cages shut, a bunch of new dishes, and.... some kale!  Haylie has gotten a bit skinny and I noticed her eating her droppings the other day.  I know, I know... that seems really weird and gross, but... well, it's fact.  :)  Anyways, that is a sign that they are deficient in something.  Kale is really high in minerals, vitamins, and just has a lot of good stuff.  It's a very nutritious food.  So I picked some up for three bucks (the money kind :)) at the health food store and all the rabbits are enjoying some greens.  A caution: you have to be very careful with rabbits and greens.  They can cause diarrhea if given in large quantities, or introduced too quickly.  Balance is the key.  So they are just getting little portions right now.  But man, that green sure spices up those boring pellets!  :)

I found it really interesting giving the rabbits the kale.  They all kinda sniffed it and nibbled a bit... then started eating it.  But Haylie... oh my, she just DEVOURED it!  It was crazy!  I guess she needed it or something!  Here she is this morning.... "mmmmm".

So, hopefully this will get her back in condition.  She seems a bit not herself after the hard labor.  But I know she'll be fine soon.  :)  It is really important to me that my rabbits aren't just baby-machines.  I want them to have healthy, happy lives.  :)

All right... I just wanted to post this photo here....

This little guy is going to be for sale pretty soon.  I'm guessing another week or two and he'll be ready.  This is the one that was a runt so I was keeping him extra long.  He has had a growth spurt and seems to be thriving now.  The only thing is one eye is a bit runny still... but I'm going to fix that soon.  :)  LOL  But let me tell you... this bunny has EXCEPTIONAL temperament!  He is the nicest bunny you'll ever meet.  A total sweetie.  Loves attention and is just totally laid back and relaxed.  He's such a cuddle bunny, I just love him to pieces!  He will have to go to an exceptional home.  Price and more info will be coming soon on my For Sale page.  And I will have more rabbits for sale shortly, but I'm still working on that.  :)

Dolly is due now... probably will kindle in 2 or 4 days, though, unless she decides to surprise me.  I'm worried though... the weather is supposed to get super cold right around that time.  I really hope she will kindle in the day time when I'm there to get those babies into the warm milk room after nursing... we'll see what happens.

Thanks for reading!  Lots of exciting things going to be happening soon...More coming later!  :)


Tamie said...

We haven't tried kale with Daisy yet - what a great idea! How are your bunnies tolerating it? Continuing to love the picture updates and looking forward to all your news to come. (And wishing we lived closer so we could add one of your hotots to our family!)

Emily said...

Hi Tamie! So far all the bunnies are loving it, except for one of the babies had a little diareah at first. Otherwise they love it. :) Glad you're enjoying the updates! :)