Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cotton Balls

Like my cotton balls?  Yes, that is a babies head in there.  =)

I once again have a bunny living in my room. 

Ahh, it's been quite an adventure with him.  =(  It's one of Dolly's babies.  I think it is either 1) a fader, or 2) just small and not getting enough to eat. So the first night I put him in my room in a plastic bin with a heating pad.  I got up around 11pm to check on him.  I pushed back the cotton balls and saw... an emtpy towel.  Now there is just nothing fun about looking for what you think is probably a dead baby bunny in your room in the dark at 11 at night. :(  I was looking around my closet and shook out some clothes that were sitting on the floor.  PLUNK!  Out he came and went scrambling across the carpet.  Whew! 
So that is why there is a cooling wrack and a folder sitting on top of it... that was about all my foggy brain could come up with at 11 at night.  =}

Relaxing in his "nest":

I'm dropper feeding him goats milk, as well as trying to let him nurse on mom as much as possible.  He's taking the goat milk pretty well, but still... for a week old, he's TINY. I'm not sure if this little one will make it or not.  Yesterday morning there was a little progress, though. I was in my room feeding him and he.... peed all over my hand.  I'm sure my family thought I had really gone over the edge when they heard shouts coming down the hallway, "YAHOOOOO! HE'S PEEING ON MEEEE!!!!"  LOL  I was excited because it meant he was getting some food through.  Haha!  So we'll see how he does.  Fingers crossed!

I have a bunch of other pictures to post (and very adorable pictures at that) but I've got to get on to other things so I'll leave you all hanging.....  :)

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House of Hotots said...

Oh my goodness. What a cutie. His head looks bigger than his body. Poor lil fella.