Thursday, May 3, 2012

For Sale

It turns out that little Miss Buttercup is for sale!  She is 8 weeks old this week.  However, I will not be selling her until she is 10 weeks old due to her small size.  She is perfectly, perfectly healthy, has a great appetite, but is just a very tiny little girl, so I'm keeping her an extra couple weeks to make sure she has a good firm start in her new home.  But she can be reserved now.  Price is $20 without pedigree/$25 with pedigree.  She is a black sport doe.  Buttercup was my very first sport, so she has gotten TONS of attention.  She has by far been one of my sweetest babies yet!  She is always, always waiting at the front of the cage for attention and is a total cuddler.  Very mellow and so good with little kids.  She will be a perfect pet and needs a loving home.

Sire: Hoppin' Hotots Mickey
Dam: Willner's Chocolate Chip
(both parents can be viewed on the bucks and does pages)
Birth Date: March 4th, 2012

Email me at or call me at 320-275-0121 to reserve Buttercup or ask any questions.  To reserve, a non-refundable $10 down payment in cash is required. Thanks!!!! 

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Tamie said...

Oh if we lived closer ... she is such a darling!