Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Excersise Time!

I can't stand the thought of my rabbits sitting in pens their whole life.  Not that they just "sit" in their pens. They binky all over and do all sorts of crazy antics. They are happy rabbits. But still, I like giving them a big space to play in.  I love to let them run around on the floor in the rabbitry.  Zahara really enjoyed it.  She will be on one side one minute and then just go sailing across to the other side.  It's hilarious.  I've almost stepped on her a couple times, she doesn't stop moving!  Silly girl.

(My rabbitry is in my brother's old shop, and there's still some "shop stuff" sitting back in the corners. Zahara is exploring an old engine or something in this picture)  :)

Regina.... "is it my turn yet???"

Now I have to figure out what to use for an outdoor playpen this year.  With the grass green and all this beautiful weather, the rabbits are itching to get out there! 

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