Saturday, May 12, 2012

Herd Update

I thought I'd post a little herd update for you all.  Right now I have 13 holes in my rabbitry.  I have 2 bucks and 5 does, 3 of which are actually producing.  And I currently have 7 babies, and hopefully that number will be growing very shortly!  ;)

I took some updated photos of a few of the rabbits the other day.

This is my show/breeding buck, Hoppin' Hotots Mickey.  He will probably be going to his first show the end of this month.  Mickey is 9 months old and such a handsome little guy... and a very little guy at that.  He's barely 2 pounds!  He has the best temperament of any of my rabbits ever.  I absolutely love him!

He was being a regular stinker during this photo shoot. :( Wouldn't pose for me.

This is Hidden Habit's Vinson, my brood buck. He currently has two 2-week-old babies that I am excited to see grow up and see how they turn out.  As far as posing, he's even worse.  Vinson does NOT pose.  He looks terrible in pictures, I know.  :'-(

This is Hoppin' Hotots Regina, my almost-5-month-old doe who will be going to her first show this month also, and will be a brood doe after that.  Regina is a stinker when it comes to posing, but I actually got some pretty good ones this time!  At least not bad... for Regina.  :)

I LOVE Regina's head and ears!  They are amazing.  Her ears are super short and her head is a block, seriously!  She's awesome. I really like her eyebands too, although they are a bit feathered.

 (Yes, I took way too many pictures of her)

And this is Hoppin' Hotots Zahara.  If you remember, Zahara came down with a nasty sickness when she was around 8 weeks old.  She was Absolutely. Gorgeous. before then, but... she lost a lot of her type due to the nasty whatever-it-was.  But with her new "diet" I've put her on lately (more about that later), she's really improving just the last few weeks!  So exciting for me. I know she's far from "perfect", but a marked improvement from what she was.  This is Zahara.

(Can anyone tell that I have a picture taking problem????)  =)

Here are my three brood does.  They all either have babies or are pregnant, so their protective instincts are in full swing right now... and I didn't feel like getting them out of their pens for a photo shoot.

Hidden Habit's Dolly

Willner's Chocolate Chip:

....and my favorite, Mindt's Haylie.

So in summary:

2 Bucks
3 Brood Does
2 Jr. Does
7 Babies

I'm excited to see my rabbitry growing!  :)  Hope you enjoyed the update and (tons of) pictures.  =) I'll be posting the updated pictures on my bucks and does pages soon.  Thanks for reading!


Bethany said...

Quick do you keep all the little white bunnies straight in the pictures??? I would get totally messed up on whose name is whose :)

Thanks for the e-mail, Emily! I might even reply before I go to bed tonight!

Your friend,

Emily said...

Haha! Yes, good question. Hmm, I guess I just get to know their faces... sounds crazy, but they really all do look different! =) I can't tell other peoples bunnies appart though. :)

Thanks for the email back!!! I'll try to email back soon, although we just had goat kids and have some other stuff going on so it might be a couple days... I will as soon as possible though!

Have a great day!