Monday, May 7, 2012

Lots of News

I have a lot to post about.  First, I have to share this adorable picture one of my bun customers sent me.  Remember the twins, Laney & Avery that got two Easter bunnies?

They sent me this photo of them outside with their (very spoiled) bunnies. :)
From an email, "We are all enjoying these sweet little bunnies!"

Thanks for all the updates! ;)

For other news....

Miss Ruby,

has decide that Mr. Mickey,

would make a good hubby.  So she's bred and I'm really hoping she takes and has does a good job with some babies in a month!   :)  They are a perfect match, I'm excited!

Dolly's babies are doing good.  They seem to be thriving.  But they are soooooo tiny!  All three easily fit in the palm of my hand.  Such cuties!

And Chocolate Chip's babies.... the pudgy lil' things are doing amazing, and couldn't be cuter. 

And Haylie.... I palpated her today and I'm not sure if she's bred or not. I couldn't feel anything... but then, I'm not at all experienced in palpating yet, and I will try again in a week.  I very cautiously tried letting her be with Vinson, and she was about ready to kill him, so hopefully that means she's bred.  =)

This will be a busy week for me, but I'll try to post pictures of the babies as they are growing! 


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