Monday, May 28, 2012

My First Show!


Yesterday was one of the best days of my entire hotot adventure!  I was really nervous for my first show.  I got up at 5:30 and got everything packed up.  Then at 7AM I loaded up the Mickey & Regina and Dad and I headed to the We Be Rabbit Show in Hutchinson, MN. 

I was so nervous!  We got there around 7:30 and I couldn't believe all the bunnies. There was tons of them. 

I managed to get registered and then found Debbie McLaughlin and her and a friend tattooed Regina and Mickey (thanks!!!).  Then we sat.... and sat..... and sat.   I didn't realize how much sitting you do in a rabbit show!  Finally, something about Dwarf Hotot was muttered over the loud speaker and everyone in our little DH unit started buzzing. I panicked, grabbed my two carriers, and chased everyone else over to the hotot table.  LOL  I think I was a little worked up at first. =)  heehee

In the first show the judge was Tonna Thomas.  And I should mention - before the first show came, we discovered that one of Regina's toe nails was missing.  She must have been hopping around in her cage and jerked it out.  :(  So she was DQ'd because of that, but I still put her on the table so I could get comments from the judge.

Senior Bucks were up first. That was Mickey.  There was 10 other bucks in his class, and my heart was pounding, I'm telling you! 

Do I look nervous??? Well, either way, I AM.

Tonna judging Mickey

I watched as Mickey kept getting moved closer to the head of the table.  I was wondering "does that  have anything to do with where they are placed??"  Then they started getting placed.  I couldn't believe it when the judge said that first place went to HH001.  WOW.

If it wasn't for the fact that we were inside a building, I would have screamed! I was so excited, and so proud of my little Mickey. My first homebred, my first baby I fell totally in love with,..... my first winner.

Tonna Thomas also looked at Regina, even though she got DQ'd on her toe nail, she still gave comments which was nice.  When she saw the toe nail she said "bummer! ..... this doe would have taken first place."  So that was encouraging!  I will have Regina's babies on the table next time - I'm going to breed her to Mickey tomorrow.

So, after the Sr. Does, Jr. Bucks, and Jr. Does were judged, the best from each class (4 bunnies) were lined up and the Best Of Breed was chosen. 

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

So, to make a long story short...... I stayed for the last two shows of the day, and under judge

                                                     Alissa Kruger,

                                            and judge Don Havlicek,

Mickey got BOB in both of them!!!  I was just hopping around at the end, I couldn't believe it!!!!!  He now has three legs and is a Grand Champion.  I am SO PROUD of my baby!

Thank you so much to you all who supported me in this big venture. LOL  And a special thanks to my very patient Dad who spent 12 hours in "Bunny Hell", as he described it.
You're the best.


...and yes, it was Bunny HEAVEN for me.  I had the best time of my life... I'm HOOKED.

Thanks also to Tonna Thomas for giving me some lessons on DH type!  She was able to spend a little time giving me some examples with Mickey, and I learned some helpful new tips.  Thanks!

Thanks also to Debbie McLaughlin and the rest of the DH crew for all your help and guidance to this newbie at the show.  I really appreciated it!  :)

And thanks to Lindsey of 4Kings Rabbitry who helped me out a BUNCH with lots of great advice before my first show. Thank you!!!! 

ALSO.... a HUGE CONGRATS to Julia of Hoppin' Fun Rabbitry on her win with Hoppin' Hotots Onyx!  (Also one of Regina's litter mates).  Onyx took FIRST PLACE in all three shows! Nice job Julia and Onyx!

A few other pics from the show....

(there were SO MANY different kinds of rabbits there!!!)

Some hotots...

Junior Bucks getting judged.....

So... thus ends my big mega-post.  My first show went so well, I had a blast.  I'm hoping there will be many more.....  ;-)  (Oh Dad, what did you get yourself into???)   =)

I have 9 babies and more litters coming up right now, so I'll have to post about them soon, too!

Thanks again everyone!!!  :-)


Lilya Litvak said...

Wow - Sounds like a great day, Emily! Congratulations on winning first place with Mickey! Way to go! :) See you Friday, Lord willing!

Julie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is such an awesome turnout for your first show! You've been hooked. ;)

Becky said...

=) Congrats on your first show! Sounds like you did great!! I love it when Tonna and her husband Tex judge our shows! They are great!!

Kelfla said...

Congratulations, Emily! What an amazing day :) I'm so happy for you! My hubby spends his weekends in Bunny H-E-double hockey sticks too. God bless him and all he does for me. He always jokes about forming a club for all the displaced bunny show Dads/Hubbies...but he's always there when I need him. Bet your Dad is there for you too.

Sarah Hofseth said...

Wow! I'm seriously shouting "Yay!!!" while I'm reading your post! I'm so happy for you! I've done a lot of dog shows and I know how addicting shows are, especially when you do as amazing as your rabbits did! Congrats on all your wins and thanks for sharing! Can't believe Mickey is a grand champion after one show! So awesome!

House of Hotots said...

Oh what an exciting day! I can't wait to go to my first show. Way to go Mickey!

Emily said...

Thanks a ton everyone!!! ;-)

Lilya - thank you, and we are really hoping to make it on Friday, so hopefully see you then!

Julie - thank you! ...yes, I'm definitely HOOKED. =)

Becky - yes, I really enjoyed watching Tonna and Tex judge, thank you!

Kelfla - LOL! That's so funny... my friend Julia's dad brought her, too, and he and my Dad keep joking that they need to start a Support Group for Dads whose Daughters Have Bunnies. =) heehee. Thanks! :)

Sarah - I know I can't believe it either. And yes, it WAS addicting. LOL! Thanks a bunch. :)

And Kate - Thanks! WARNING, you will want to keep going to every show after your first one! =) LOL You will love it. :)

Thank you everyone! :-)

Tamie said...

Congratulations on a wonderful showing! Love the pics!

Bethany said...

Oh, EMILY!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU -- CONGRATULATIONS! You did such a good job, on your first time! Keep up the great work with your bunnies! Thanks for all the pictures, news and all! You'll have to go back, and win again, I guess :)

I was just totally thrilled when I read this post....thanks for sharing, Emily!!!!!! =)

Blessings, my friend!