Saturday, May 5, 2012

We've got Babies!

Dolly had a lovely little litter this afternoon!  There was four kits total - 1 black banded peanut, 2 black sports, and 1 black banded. 

Dolly, devoted momma, pulling fur for the nest.  :)

The three remaining babies are doing pretty well.  They seem to have fat bellies and are warm, but looking just a little on the if-y side... fingers crossed!  I hope these little ones do well!

For other news, we have a visitor in the rabbitry!  Meet Hoppin' Hotots Ruby:

Ruby is a bunny that I sold to my friend Julia of Hoppin' Fun Rabbitry a few months ago to start her rabbitry.  Now Ruby is breeding age and we are matching her up with Mickey... who is nuts about her.

"Hey!!! You!  Over heeeeeere!!!!"

But unfortunately Ruby doesn't exactly share his sentiments, so she'll be sticking around a few days or so until she changes her mind. :)  Anyways, Julia is being so kind as to let me have pick of the litter when they are born, and I am THRILLED about that!  Thanks Julia!  ;)  Ruby is such a GORGEOUS little brood doe.  I LOVE her shoulders.  She is SOOOOO wide!  Love this girl, can't wait for babies!!! 

Isn't she awesome?!?!? 

CC's two little babies are doing great.  They are some fat, pudgy little babies!

CC guarding her nest.  :)

babies <3

Now it's just up to Haylie, due in two weeks.  You can do it girl!  I'm more than ready for a live litter from this one. 


The Kings said...

Congrats on your babies!! Ruby is gorgeous...hope she changes her mind about being a momma soon. lol :-)

Bethany said...

Congratulationas, Emily!!! How exciting =)