Monday, May 21, 2012

Which Photo Do You Like The Most?

So as you can see I'm trying to give my website a little face lift so I've been taking some new photos.  Which of these do you like the most???

What do you think???

Also, I've really been needing a new profile picture....
(this is with Mickey. Isn't he adorable???)

And some of the other ones of Mickey and I.....


Bethany said...

I like the 3rd to the bottom =)

Nice pictures, I like them all though!


Hoppin' fun Rabbitry said...

My favorite of just the bunny is probably the first one. But they are all so cute!
I think my favorite of the pictures of you and comic is probably the first also. You are so pretty! :)

House of Hotots said...

I like the first picture of the bunny as well. The bunny is so adorable and your accentuates the cuteness. It kinda looks like a foot pop. lol.