Saturday, June 23, 2012

Big News!

Alright, I know I said I was going to do a post about my new favorite bunny tip, but.... I'm so excited about this that I have to share first. ;-)  I'm working on that other post and I'll get it posted soon!

I am SO excited about a new doe I just got from Kate Kaiser from House of Hotots!  She is Vinson's half-sister.  Both of their's dad is Hidden Habit's Air.  Air is the most absolute AWESOME Dwarf Hotot I have ever seen.  I can't wait to breed these two.

This little doe is absolutely beautiful.  She is soooo tiny and compact, has a gorgeous head, nice shoulders, and very nice ears, only I wish they were a tad bit thicker and they are a teeny bit long, but I think she will really grow into them.  Her only fault.... a few black spots on her ears.  If it weren't for that she'd be a show doe, but that's OK, I bet she'll makes some lovely babies.  I just love her.  :-) Thank you, Kate, for parting with her!  :-)

Meet  Kaiser's Princess

...and these pictures don't even do her justice at all.  :-)

Also, we have a visitor in the rabbitry.  Kate was also so generous as to allow me to borrow Willner's Eats A Lot from her to use for breeding for a couple days.  We will be trading breedings for Mickey.  I really love Eats A Lot, and he's out of some bunnies that I really like, too!  He has a beautiful, huge head, is very wide, and also is a sweetie!  :-)  I am breeding him to Zahara and Haylie.  Zahara was bred this morning and I will breed Haylie to him tomorrow.  Can't WAIT to see those babies!  This is Willner's Eats A Lot.

I am ecastic about having some babies out of this fella.  Thank you Kate for allowing me to use him!  I hope these girls get bred and have nice litters.



The other visitor in the rabbitry is Thunder Hill's Bella.  Remember Bella?  I sold her to my friend Julia a while back to be a starter brood doe for her.  I'm breeding her to Vinson for Julia, and maybe will get a baby from the litter, we'll see how they turn out. 

And... one more introduction.  =)  This is a little junior doe from my Haylie and Vinson litter.  She is 6 weeks old and looking pretty lovely!  Thanks to Lindsey of 4 Kings Rabbitry for giving me critiques on her.  She has a nice HQ, cute head, and is pretty compact.  I am excited to see how she turns out, and she may end up going to convention with me this fall.  :)

Meet Hoppin' Hotots.... NAMELESS!  :-)  ......Anyone have name suggestions?  :)  I can't seem to think of any so far....  ;-), that's my big news. ;-)  I'll be back with that post soon....


The Kings said...

Cute little Princess! I love your loan buck as well. Woo Hoo! :-D Congrats Emily and Kate!

House of Hotots said...

You are very correct when you said those pictures don't do her justice. I wish rabbits were a little more like gophers that when you whistle they kinda perk up. lol

Emily said...

LOL. Yeah, I know I need to try and get some better ones of her, Kate! She does look better than the photos for sure. And funny you should mention it. That's what I always do - when I have them posed up I whistle so they perk up and then I try and snap the photo... LOL. Doesn't always work, though. ;-)

And thanks, Lindsey! =) I'm soooo excited about them. :)