Sunday, June 24, 2012

Red Raspberry Leaf

So I said that I would share one of my favorite things for big litters and healthy, happy mommas.  Most of you probably know this, but here it is anyways: Red Raspberry Leaf.   ;)
I pick some wild red raspberry leaf for the buns every morning.

We feed this to our milk goats.  It helps boost their milk production TONS, and they have many kids at once - one of our goats had four kids (at once!) and delivered all four of the healthy babies without a problem.  So I thought I would try giving my buns RR and see if I noticed anything.  Well, I have.  :-)  They have larger litters, their milk production is up (fat babies!), and one of the most amazing things... instead of becoming totally CRABBY and cranky and sometimes downright mean during pregnancy due to all the hormones, a lot of times I can't even tell they are pregnant!  ...and if they still are hormonal, it isn't as bad.  Haylie usually gets pretty temperamental and protective during pregnancy, but her last pregnancy she was sweet and mellow all the way through... which left me wondering if she really took.  But she did - she delivered a healthy, beautiful litter of five gorgeous babies.  I really like this stuff!  ;-)  It is known to help with pregnancy, delivery, and overall health in people, and it seems to help animasl too... it's a really great green food!  And it helps the buns, too.  NOT that I don't still have trouble here and there, BUT I have noticed that it has also been very helpful!  (And I do feed it to my bucks too.... they all get it.)

CC getting her red raspberry

I feed it a few different ways.  One way that works well is to make tea with it.  We buy our RR dried in bulk online and harvest it our self.  I make a strong tea and add 4-8 cups to their 3-gallon drinking water bucket and that's what they get.  I also pick leaves fresh every morning and give them all 1-3 leaves.  They love it, and it's so good for them!  I've tried feeding it dried in their feed but that didn't work as well.

So anyways, that's my little tip.  My buns love it, and it seems to be really helpful for the does.  Have any of you out their tried this before?

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