Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Queen

Regina has been begging me for a nest box so she got hers early.  She is so cute.  Now she's sitting on top of it just like a queen on her castle or something... which is funny, because the name Regina actually means "Queen"... LOL.  Totally fits her.  She is on day 29 now, so hopefully (!!!) she will have some healthy little princes and princesses soon. :-)

And speaking of Princesses.... here is another photo of Princess.  She is SO beautiful, but the camera just can't seem to capture her beauty.  ;-)  These pictures do her NO justice.  I'm still trying to get a real good one of her.


House of Hotots said...

Regina is a very pretty bunny. Maybe you could rub Princess along Regina like you would a balloon against your hair so some of that queeny posturing could rub off on her. lol

Emily said...

LOL. No kidding! :-) Yeah, Regina is a good poser... when SHE wants to be. If I try and pose her... it's hopeless. But in her cage she's perfect! =)