Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hot, Lazy Day

Not much going on right now.  Just enjoying some cute babies and waiting for my next three litters to come... but that's not until the end of this month.  It's been pretty hot out lately, so the fan has been going and all the buns are lazing around in their cages.

Mickey, just hangin' out.


Regina... will be a first time mom end of this month (sire is Mickey) and I'm so excited for her litter- I hope she does a good job and everything goes well.  Fingers crossed!

Chocolate Chip - just laying around enjoying a rest from babies.  She's due end of this month also.

(By the way, sorry things look so messy in these pics... I took them today and today is my cleaning day, and I haven't yet, so.....)  =)

The favorites in the rabbitry right now would be Haylie's 5 babies.  They are all doing super!  And they are just WAY adorable.  Cuteness overload, for sure.  I just tipped over the nest box yesterday so they are really enjoying the run of the cage.  :)  They are always cramming themselves back behind the nest box though... silly kits!

Camera shy?!!?

When I say I tipped the nest box over, well.... that's exactly what I did.  Usually I take everything out, put in fresh bedding, just so, etc. But this time I just tipped it over and they have burrowed out their own little "cave" in there... which actually works better than me messing it up. :)  I probably will only leave it in for a week or so anyways, though, it's so warm they don't really need it.

Some other pics of the babies.....

I think I'm probably going to keep a doe out of this litter, and I've already picked out my favorite doe of them all, and buck.  Some of the babies are looking sooooo compact and typey, can't wait to see them grow.  In all I think there is 3 does and 2 bucks. Yeah does!  Finally - seems like it is always bucks.  I sure hope I'm right on gender. =D

This is my pick for the buck.  Isn't he precious? He's got the cutest head. 

This is my choice doe. :)  She's got a HEAD, even more than the buck.  I sure hope it IS a doe for sure (I'll be sure in a few weeks) 'cause if it is she's probably staying.  Such a typey little thing, and very compact!  Love this girl.

Hopefully she stays nice.

Some of the other buns...  these two little pet bucks are from Chip's last litter.  They'll be going to a great pet home in a few weeks.  Such cuties, they race to the door for attention when I come around. :)

And Dolly's two babies... just weaned this morning.  The little sport doe is the cutest thing, I love her head and ears.  She will be going to a new home in a month or so to be a brood doe.  The buck looks SO much like Mickey when he was his age, and if he stays nice will either stay here or be a herd buck for someone else.

So, that's about all that's going on right now.  :)  I'm just enjoying my bunnies as much as ever and looking forward to more babies.


House of Hotots said...

Your buns are so amazing. Button is doing well and he is staying small. I am really liking how he is turning out. I noticed in your pics that your urine guards angle inward. Did you just put something behind them or what did you do, cause our New Zealands seem to miss the tray but to angle them seems like a smart solution.

Emily said...

Thanks Kate! Very glad to hear Button is doing well. :) I would love to see him again someday! :)
The urine guards - I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but the bottom of them does angle out normally, that is how they came. I don't have anything behind them, though. Does that help? I got them from Klubertanz equipment, and really like them. Only have three right now but I'm going to order some for the rest of the cages because they work nice and keep things looking a lot cleaner! :) Let me know if you have any other questions, hope that helps.... =D