Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Haylie's Litter: 3 weeks old

I took Haylie's babies 3-week photos.   There are some typ-eeeee little buns in this litter.  And some that are looking like pets. :D But they are all cute as can be and I love 'em to pieces.  I'm working on handling them all LOTS every day because at this age all they want to do is bounce around and they need to work on cuddling. LOL They are all sweeties though.  I was thinking 2 bucks 3 does, now I'm thinking it's maybe 3 bucks 2 does.... not sure.  My gender skills aren't very good when they are this young. LOL  I'll know for sure soon though. 

Here they are, all five.  What do you think of them?  The bucks are first, then the does... I think..... lol

(My favorite)

(My other favorite - not the most flattering picture of him/her, though, he/she's SO gorgoues, but wouldn't pose) =(

And one last photo because this one is so cute I had to post it... I think this is the 3rd or the 5th one, not totally sure. =)  Doesn't he/she have the cutest head?

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