Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is a little banded buck from my Mickey/Dolly cross.  I've just nick-named him "Junior" because he's totally a Mickey Junior.  I think this little guy has a lot of potential, he's looking purrrrty handsome so far.  I hope he stays this nice!  And he's inherited his daddy's personality.  He's a very calm little fellow.  Meet Junior!

I'm liking his high topline, although it doesn't look that great in these pics.

I love his blocky head!

Here is a picture of Mickey when he was about Junior's age. 

And here is Junior.

Isn't that cute how similair they look (although they are posed a little differently)???  So cute!


House of Hotots said...

Oh my goodness that sweet little Dwarf Hotot looks like Mickey! You will have a few wins under your belt in no time.

Emily said...

I know, it is so adorable. :) Like father like son. lol :) I'm trying to decide if I should keep him or sell him to someone who wants to start breeding hotots... tough decision! =( I only have so much cage space and can only keep so many so it's so hard to decide. I wish I could keep them all! =)

Emily said...
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