Tuesday, January 17, 2012

4-Week Photos

We got a new cord for my computer, so I can finally get those pictures posted!  These are Haylie's kits at almost 4 weeks.  They have maybe been one of my best litters so far, I love these little guys and gals.  I weaned them this morning.  So far they have been doing great with adjusting to solids.  They are eating machines!  Wow!  They are waiting at the door for me every morning and night.... OK, maybe it's the food their waiting for, but they're such sweeties anyways.  :-)

When they hit 4 weeks is when I start figuring out who are the keepers, etc.  When I'm doing a photo shoot it's easiest to put a piece of paper there with their "number" and gender so I can tell them apart.

So, this one I now am pretty sure is a buck.  I say pretty sure, because I'm not always the best at telling gender.... lol!  I'm just making educated guesses.  =)  I'll be more sure in a few weeks about everyone's gender.  Anyhow.. he's a cute little guy. I'm not sure if he'll be a keeper or pet, he's kinda going through a funny stage right now. 

This next one I still am not sure gender-wise.  But he/she is definitely a keeper either way.  This baby is super!  Great overall type, (super blocky head), I love this one.  These pictures do him/her NOOOO justice whatsoever... he was posing funny and being anything but cooperative!  He really is a amazing little bun, just bad photos.  :)

"I hate photo shoots"

"Are we done yet???"

"I'm not going to look at you."

This little doe is also really typey.  She looks a lot like Haylie, only much more compact.  A very nice little girl, so far looks like a keeper.

As you can see in the photo below, I write their "number" in their ear with a marker so I can tell them appart.  You would think it's not that hard, but four 4-week-old white bunnies hopping around look quite similar!  :)  I have to re-do the number every so-often as it rubs off.

And this doe, the smallest of the litter, but oh boy, super typey.  I love the looks of her.  Her head has been a touch narrow, but seems to be filling out as of late.

I'm helping a friend start a rabbitry, so we'll each probably take a doe from this litter and I would like to keep a buck also... I just need to make a final decision, and get that mystery #2 bunny figured out.  :) 

Bella's babies are growing up fast, they'll be heading to new homes in a couple weeks.  Wow! Time flies.  :)  The one doe and the little buck are reserved, here's the remaining buck:

He's a sweet little guy.... so cute, and full of personality!  He's up for reservation as a pet.... contact me if you're interested.  =)


Kelfla said...

Egad! Those are some C-U-T-E babies :)

Hendricks Hearth said...

Oh my goodness! They don't look real at that age! <3 :)

Emily said...

LOL! Yes, I love this age. =D

The Kings said...

Oh my, so CUTE!! I love them all, very nice babies. Thanks for sharing the pics :-)

October Grace said...

I can imagine that with your breed, in particular, they are very hard to tell apart when they're this young. They are all such sweet little balls of white cuteness=)

Janice said...

Gee willikers Emily! They all look the same to me...I don't know
how you can see any difference in them! LOL Grandma Janice