Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coffee with Dad

Dad and I went out for coffee on Wednesday to talk rabbits!  Yeahhhhh!  I love talking rabbits, thinking rabbits....  anything that has to do with rabbits.   Just ask my family.  It's crazy!  Like the other night when I was trying to make a decision about some bunny stuff and I didn't fall asleep until at least midnight.... my thinker just wouldn't stop thinking.  I worked myself into a headache and then FINALLY fell asleep!  (And then of course the next day I fell asleep over my History book! ....not that reading about France wasn't interesting!!!!) 
So anyways...  I was exceedingly happy to go out with Dad.  I brought my big ol' file folder of rabbits stuff containing papers of notes from phone calls with rabbit breeders, books, pedigrees, and the list goes on.  We made some goals, figured out an ideal size for my rabbitry, figured out how many more cages I need, etc. etc.  So, it was really fun and I'll probably be posting more about what's happening later!  ;)


Kelfla said...

That's wonderful, Emily! I love bunny planning time...and Dad time is THE best :)

Emily said...

Thanks Kelfla! :) Yes, I LOVE Dad time. =D