Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Homes for the Bunnies

Bella's litter of 3 are 8 weeks old today.... already!  Two of them are going to new homes today.  The remaining one I will be keeping for a few more weeks, he hasn't been growing very fast/much at all, and is either a runt or something is wrong with him, and I don't feel safe selling him at this point, so I'll be keeping him a little longer so I can make sure he's going to be a healthy, happy bun before he goes to a new home.
This morning I got up extra early, at 5am, and had some nice quiet (something that only happens before your little brothers are up :)) time working on pedigrees, care sheets, and other things that had to be done before the bunnies go to new homes this afternoon.  I really had a fun time!  ;)  It was so quiet!  =)
Here is a photo of the little doe from Bella's litter.  She is an absolute sweetie!  I can cup my hands and she will lay upside down in them all relaxed... it's SO cute.....

And Bella... due to pop any minute!  Probably will be Monday or Tuesday though, she usually kindles 31-32 days.

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The Kings said...

Oh how cute!! I can't wait to see these new little ones on the way. Gorgeous babies!