Wednesday, January 4, 2012

GOOD NEWS!  Last night I decided to try once again with Chocolate Chip.  I stuck her in Comic's pen and let him chase her around while I did chores, just hoping that mabye he would convince her to lift.  So.... he was doing his thing but she wasn't lifting, I thought, so I just worked on chores.  But then all of a sudden he grunted and fell of her!  Just like he always does when he breeds the does.  So, I'm kinda stumped... he has never before  fallen off unless the doe was BRED, so I'm assuming that he bred her, but I didn't see her lift so I'm a little skeptical... but then I wasn't really paying attention anyways.  I know, I know... I SHOULD have been paying attention!  But after nothing but unwilling does for the last month, it gets kinda old!  No excuses, though, of course!  :)
So I tried breeding her again 10 hours later (yes, 5:30 in the morning:()  She wasn't willing at all no matter how hard poor Comic tried.... so I have come to a great conclusion: (1) she's bred or (2) she's not.  WOW!  Isn't that brilliant?  Well, I'll try palpating her in 10 days and see what I come up with!  Fingers crossed that she's bred.... I really hope she is!

Also, I heard of this really neat thing through 4 Kings Rabbitry.  Someone is putting together a blog networking site for rabbitry blogs... a great idea!  I'm going to join it; I love reading other rabbit blogs, so this is really cool!  :)  Click here to see it.


Sarah Hofseth said...

I've said it before, but it is fun to read all that goes on with your rabbits and how you breed them, etc. I'm excited to see what you get from Mickey, since he's such a neat personality. When do you think he'll be ready to breed?

Emily said...

Hi Sarah! I'm glad you are enjoying reading the blog!!! :) I can't wait until YOU guys can have bunnies of your own! :) Yes, I am so excited too to bred with Mickey because he's such a sweetie! He is ready to be bred now, I just haven't had any does who will breed to him, and I was hoping to breed him to Dolly which is why I didn't try Chip with him. But I can't wait to get him going! :)