Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Owners

My friend, Julia, got her first bunny yesterday.  She is going to start her own rabbitry raising Dwarf Hotots, and I am so excited for her.... congrats, Julia!  :) She got a little brood doe from Bella, and will be getting a few more in the next few months. 

Julia with Ruby.

Also, thank you to Giana who also got a bunny yesterday!  She has been waiting soooo patiently for a few months for her bunny, and I was so excited to see him go to his new home.  He is going to be a very spoiled bunny! Have fun, Giana!

Giana with Snowball.

When someone gets a bunny from me, I send them home with a care pack which includes feed to start the bunny off with, hay, an ADRHC pamphlet, a care sheet, and more. 

I love seeing my bunnies go to great homes and giving their owners a good start with their new pets!


The Kings said...

Awe! They look like happy new owners. :-)

Tamie said...

Hi Emily,

I just had to comment and say how much I'm enjoying your blog - as well as reading about the love and care you put into your rabbitry. We live in Oklahoma and adopted a Dwarf Hotot in December from a local shelter. Daisy is the absolute sweetest bunny, and it's so great to read about her breed and see your pictures. Best wishes with your endeavor, and please keep the updates coming!


Emily said...

Hi Tamie!
Thanks for the comment, I'm so glad you've been enjoying the blog! That's so neat you could get Daisy... hotots are the sweetest bunnies, I have enjoyed raising them so much. :) I'll definitely keep the updates coming... thanks for your interest! :)