Friday, January 6, 2012

Bunny News!

Wow.... so much to tell! I think this will be a 3-in-1 post!  =D

My BIG news..... Haylie is bred and Mickey is going to be a Daddy!  =D  YEAAAAAAAAY!!!!!  I am SO thrilled about this.  I will FINALLY be getting some babies from Mickey, and I am SO excited to see how they look!  Plus, Mickey and Haylie are a perfect match.... Haylie's weakest points are his strongest points.  For example, Haylie's eye bands are a little thin, and Mickey has thicker eye bands.  (I love his bands).  And Haylie's head doesn't have as much depth to it as I would like, whereas Mickey's head is amazing.... super blocky and full!  He's absolutely gorgeous!  ....or maybe handsome would be more appropriate.  =D   So anyways... just to show off my proud lil' Daddy a bit......

(I know, this one is blurry, but it's so cute anyways...)

And sweet Haylie.... going to (hopefully!) be a momma again....

I am realllllly hoping that Haylie takes and all goes well with this pregnancy!  She was such a good girl.  I tried with her and Mickey once yesterday, that didn't work, but today she hopped into his cage and lifted on the spot.... wow!  I was sure happy!  (And Mickey was too.... finally, someone likes him!)  =)

This morning I also moved Bella's three kits back into the rabbitry!  I know, this may not sound like much, but to me it was so great to have them back in there and see them doing so great!  And boy oh boy, were those little buggers ever HAPPY to have a big pen to run around in.  Seriously, the WHOLE time I did chores, they made a RACKET boinging and bouncing around in there.... you wouldn't think 3 teeny bunnies could make that much noise in a cage, but oh yes!  It was adorable.  I took a video of them running laps (seriously.) around the pen and am hoping to get that posted tomorrow or sometime.  I just laughed watching them.  They were glad to get out of that pet carrier!

Also.... :) I was pretty worried all night about Haylie's babies because they really had been hinting about jumping out of the box that day... =(.  So when I walked into the rabbitry this morning and saw one out I...... went numb.  I was sure I would find more cold bunnies on the wire!  But I was VERY relieved to see just one was out and he/she was just fine.... WHEW!!!  =D  Also, I was really happy to see that they can actually jump back IN the box themselves!  Whoada thunk!  They are so tiny but WOW, do they have some bounce! 

"Hmm.... looks nice out there."

"Hi Mom!"

"Ready, set..."


I already have my pick of the litter.... I don't know if it's a boy or a girl but I will probably keep it either way.  I really need some more lil' does though, so I'm hoping for a doe too! 

So anyways... I think that's everything for my mega-post!  =D  I *hopefully* have 3 bred does right now and can't wait for a baby boom end of this month and beginning of next!  :) 


The Kings said...

That is Great news Emily!! Haylie's babies are SO Cute!! I think they are the same age as mine? I'll have to look back on your posts. Anyway, so glad to hear your other babies are doing good, I know you are relieved. Can't wait to hear about your baby boom. Do you plan on showing? or just want to raise them? Mickey is beautiful by the way, can't wait to see those babies.

Emily said...

Thanks Lindsey! Yep, I think they were born on the same day as yours, if I remember right! That is so neat. :) I do plan (or hope) to show... I'm hoping to go to my first show this spring, which I'm really excited for! There's not many close to me, but this one is. I missed it last year... I was so bummed! But hopefully I will be able to get into that in the future!

The Kings said...

That's exciting! Sounds like you'll have some babies to take too...;-)

Hendricks Hearth said...

What cutie pies- I love Mickey especially! Best of luck with the babies. :)

October Grace said...

The babies are so precious!! Mickey is beautiful. I'm sure his babies will be exceptional.